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Discover how The Non-Profit Global Corporate Alliance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is committed to our mission to establish community building services and training programs. Browse our photos!




Our Community Solution Provider

What if you could radically change your

community’s perspective on life in a little over a

day? What if you could bring them closer to

Christ – and draw new members into your

Church-group in only 24 hours of fun and activity?

What if you could economically bring your

community into balance and lay the groundwork

for a more sustainable community, with infrastruc

ture in place?

It can all happen! Urban Urgency’s “Connecting

Culture, Church and Community Events” are the

chance! In May and November of 2020, your

Church, Community Group or Business can have

the opportunity to join more than 3,000 participants

locally to change the lives of those in our communi


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